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Checking driver updates for once an hour.
Every page has Last-Modified header: you can check it with update-notifying tools.
Note: This site is mainly available for Japanese ThinkPad users.

Target Models

The time printed in left of model number is last update time.
Timezone is JST(+9), [yy/mm/dd:hh] format.
Checking the sites of Japan and U.S.(if possible)

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Although the information on this site is got from IBM's site, this is just a reference.
Please make sure for accurate information on a source page of that. (IBM e-technical spot for Japan, IBM Personal computing support for U.S.)

"ver"(version) field of the table is always "[US]" for U.S. drivers, because version is not printed on the table of U.S.

Table conversion and sorting are so vague.
When you have a request, please tell me by email. I will reflect it as possible as I can.

Any information on every page is UNOFFICIAL AND NO WARRANTY. This service may will terminate without any announcement.

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